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Pekiti Tirsia Europe HQ brings interested people together in the idea and spirit of making friends and not enemies. A place where we share the practical way of self defense that is the indigenous filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, as well as cultivate the positive awareness and the wisdom given to us by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon emeritus Uli Weidle.


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Helmut Bauer


Maginoo Mandala 5th Hagdan Helmut Bauer is an official Instructor of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe.
Martial Arts since: 1986
Pekiti Tirsia since: 1995

Group Active in

Head Instructor at TAO e.V. Bamberg, Bamberg, Germany


Next to my training in PTK, I am instructor for Ving Tsun, Qigong, and Taiji. I trained in Karate for some years, and I have a black belt in Aikido.
Pekiti-Tirsia-Kali is the essence out of all my experience brought together. There are three important basics in Pekiti-Tirsia for me:
Philosophy, Functionality, Family.
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