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Pekiti Tirsia Europe HQ brings interested people together in the idea and spirit of making friends and not enemies. A place where we share the practical way of self defense that is the indigenous filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, as well as cultivate the positive awareness and the wisdom given to us by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon emeritus Uli Weidle.

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Instructor Program

A good instruction makes a solid fundament...

In the PTE, we know that the future of our system is dependent on the quality of our trainers. This is why we provide the best possible opportunities for their development of technical and didactic skills.

The way to become a trainer in the PTE consists of three steps:
  1. Start training!
  2. Successfully pass the fundament level examination.
  3. Take part in our free advanced trainings of the "To Teach & To Fight"-series and qualify as trainer.

Details on our instructor programme can be found in the articles. For further information, please write us an email to

Instructor levels

The PTE features a gradual instructor system:
  • Instructor candidate: Not allowed to lead his/her own group, but to support an existing group as assistant trainer.
  • Apprentice instructor: Leads his/her own group, but is supported by a mentor - an experienced instructor who supervises and supports the new trainer. An apprentice instructor must have passed the fundament examination.
  • Instructor: Leads his/her own group, and is responsible only to the PTE as a total. Experienced instructors can serve as mentors for apprentice instructors.
  • Council: The council is the highest body of the PTE, and decides on its organisation and developments. Since 2017 the Council is internationally led by three senior instructors.

All of the aforementioned instructor levels have to take part in the free "To Teach & To Fight"-seminars on a regular basis. Failure to perform can result in losing the instructor status.
The PTE does not provide weekend-courses or shortcuts to become a trainer. And never will.

See our list of instructors.

Filipino titles

Some members of the PTE have been honoured by Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje with Filipino titles, which are recognized by PTK practitioners worldwide. These titles are, sorted in descending order:
  • Tuhon
  • Maginoo Mandala
  • Mandala Mandatus
  • Agalon
  • Hangkilan
  • Maginalamon
  • Manunudlo
Each of these titles can be further divided into several sub-ranks (Hagdan).