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Pekiti Tirsia Europe HQ brings interested people together in the idea and spirit of making friends and not enemies. A place where we share the practical way of self defense that is the indigenous filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, as well as cultivate the positive awareness and the wisdom given to us by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon emeritus Uli Weidle.

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20.10.2018 12:53

Philippines Travel Report 2018

In our association we share the positive aspects of Filipino martial arts and lifestyles with interested people in the western world, and we also ensure that Filipinos in their homeland feel our recognition and benefit. Read this report on the new Kali movie Buy Bust, the Kali Training with Filipino Kalista, a Juego Todo Tournament, the high school and kindergarten groups we support in the Philippines and more experiences from Tuhon Emer Uli Weidle during his travels in the Philippines this year.

20.02.2017 21:08

New Council established!

The new Pekiti Tirsia Europe council is established!
Read more about the new council.

16.09.2016 10:18

The new PTE Page has launched

Today the new PTE Page has been launched!
Beside of the events and groups you can also find many interesting articles.