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Pekiti Tirsia Europe HQ brings interested people together in the idea and spirit of making friends and not enemies. A place where we share the practical way of self defense that is the indigenous filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, as well as cultivate the positive awareness and the wisdom given to us by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon emeritus Uli Weidle.

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Pekiti Tirsia with Uli Weidle


10. February - 11. February 2018: Uli Weidle in Tampere, Finland at Pekiti-Tirsia Tampere.
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Tuhon Uli on täällä taas opettamassa Pekiti!
Tuhon Uli weidle is back in Finland to teach some PTK. Do we need to say more?


Kepit! Veitset! Aseeton! Elämää! Terveyttä! Onnistumista!

Sticks! Knives! Empty hands! Life! Health! Success!

Time Schedule

Lauantaina 09.00-16.00 ja sunnuntaina 10.00-18.00

Saturday 09.00-16.00 Sunday 10.00-18.00


PTK Europe/Finland jäsenät päivä 70€ ja koko viikonloppu 120€.
Ei jäseniltä päivä 100€ ja koko viikonloppu 150€.

For PTK europe/finland members 70€ for a day. Whole weekend for members 120€.
For non members one day is 100€ and the whole weekend 150€.


Nääshalli Budo 4/3.
Näsijärvenkatu 12
33210 Tampere


Englanti ja Suomi nyt ainakin. 

English and Finnish...maybe german...maybe Swedish

What to bring

2 kpl rottinkikeppejä, 2 kpl harjoitus veitsiä. Treeni mieltä, huumoria ja halu uida jääkylmässä järvessä.

A pair of sticks and a pair of training knives. Training attitude, good humor and will to swim in the icy lake.


Full Instructor Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle

Uli Weidle is ranked Tuhon Emeritus in the Pekiti Tirsia system. In the year 1996 Uli Weidle has been assigned by Grand Tuhon Gaje to represent him and the Pekiti Tirsia system in Europe and to be the Managing Director of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe organisation.

Uli started the adventures of martial arts as a young child and practised various Martial Arts systems for over 40 years. The last 20 years he's been focusing on Pekiti Tirsia syste...
Read more about Uli Weidle.

Overnight stay

Salilla ei ole mahdollista yöpyä

Overnight stay is not possible at the training venue.

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