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Pekiti Tirsia Europe HQ brings interested people together in the idea and spirit of making friends and not enemies. A place where we share the practical way of self defense that is the indigenous filipino martial art of Pekiti Tirsia Kali, as well as cultivate the positive awareness and the wisdom given to us by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon emeritus Uli Weidle.

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Kampfkunstzentrum (Martial Arts Center)

Head Instructors

Full Instructor Tuhon Emeritus Uli Weidle

Active Instructors

Instructor Mandala Mandatus 4. Hagdan Marc Mayer
Instructor Mandala Mandatus 3. Hagdan Arne Güttinger
Instructor Agalon 3. Hagdan Uwe Müller




Reutlingen, Germany


A person training in a healthy environment will grow - internal as well as external. The Kampfkunstzentrum Reutlingen (Martial Arts Center of Reutlingen City) with it's 200 members is providing such a healthy environment.

From 1988 up to present the Kampfkunstzentrum Reutlingen has been where Tuhon Uli Weidle and his team of friendly, skilled and motivated trainers are teaching Pekiti Tirsia Kali and other martial arts.

Tuhon Uli hosted the first seminar with Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje in Europe and from 1996 to present times Grand Tuhon Gaje was conducting seminars and workshops once sometimes twice a year. It can be said that the Kampfkunstzentrum Reutlingen and Tuhon Uli Weidle have been the origin for propagating Pekiti Tirsia Kali in Europe.

In 2012 the Kampfkunstzentrum moved to a nicer and bigger training location. We offer a huge training area with fixed mats, a functional strength training area, heavy bags, tire stack etc. Members have 24/7 access to the training facility. Kali classes are conducted every workday (Monday to Friday). Many of those classes are taught by Tuhon Uli Weidle personally. We offer weekend workshops several times a month. Full day training and full week trainings as well as personal training or small group training can also be arranged.


Phone: +49 7121 30 09 31
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